Schneider Electric Unveils Digital Ecosystem for IoT

Schneider Electric Unveils Digital Ecosystem for IoT
The Siliconreview
02 April, 2019

Schneider Electric, a European manufacturing company, has unveiled a cross-industry open ecosystem for IoT. The announcement was made public on Monday. The new launch will help industry experts, startups, and innovators to work on real-world sustainability and efficiency challenges.

Dubbed as Schneider Electric Exchange, the digital ecosystem has two primary functions: it provides tech resources through APIs, data science/data sets, and SDKs; secondly, it provides access to the digital marketplace and both public and private communities.

In order to speed up and scale the digital innovation, Schneider Electric Exchange leverages strategic partners therefore, paving the way to solve customer related problems particularly on energy process and process efficiency.

Fulfilling the digital needs of the customers

The digital ecosystem can help the customers in many ways by,

– Providing a path to tap into a large customer base in otherwise hard to reach new markets.

– Giving access to use a large library of resources filled with analytics, APIs, and data sets to enhance digital offers.

– Leveraging digital tools and expertise to scale solutions and boost up market time.

– Providing a cloud-based platform to collaborate in order to share designs, insights, and efficiently manage and complete projects.

The first set of Schneider Electric Exchange was made available in private beta mode in April 2018, and later on, in November 2018, it was opened to a broader customer base. The platform hasa bright future and has a global footprint of 35% across Europe, 35% in Asia-Pacific, and 20% in the Americas.