Verizon to Provide YouTube TV for its Subscribers

Verizon to Provide YouTube TV for its Subscribers
The Siliconreview
24 April, 2019

Verizon, a New-York based Telecommunication Company and Google have inked a deal. The partnership will help Verizon to provide YouTube TV to its users, people familiar with the matter said.

The company states that once Youtube TV is launched on its platform, it will be accessible by the customer who uses a 5G wireless home connection. The home connection must be a part of an internet bundle or a FIOS subscription.

Apart from that, the services are also open to the customers who use Verizon’s telephone, optic TV and internet service. The company will also offer unique, high-value Youtube TV promotions to users across different platforms.

There is no information about the cost and the launch date of the new development. People familiar with the matter said that the partnership will also allow Verizon to provide unique offers and promotions along with other great bundles for the customers. Additional details including launch date and pricing will be unveiled in late 2019.

YouTube TV delivers an extraordinary entertainment package to the viewers; replacing the kind of packages offered by cable TV providers. YouTube TV allows streaming of contents from 70 live TV networks such as NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS, including major U.S. networks such as Food Network, HGTV, ESPN, CNN, TBS, TNT, FX, and on-demand video.

There is also a DVR option for each of the six accounts that come with a subscription. Each viewer will have an option to choose their preferred TV shows or movies.