Focus Softnet Unveils Its new Cloud strategy for Customers

Focus Softnet Unveils Its new Cloud strategy for Customers
The Siliconreview
06 May, 2019

Focus Softnet, a global ERP solutions provider has unveiled a new initial offer to its new and existing customers. The new push towards the cloud strategy was announced at the company’s Annual General Meeting. The move by Focus Softnet is a part of its future mission to move all their products and services and users under one umbrella, i.e. the cloud.

Under the initiative, the company will carry out a key recruitment drive to induct skilled functional and technical resources specialized in the field of mobile and cloud technologies. Apart from that, the company has also carried out a major restructuring drive resulting in a good increase in profits and revenues. The driving company added a 200-seat support centre for the restructuring drive. Focus Softnet forsee that its revenue by the year-end would be higher by 25 percent. 

Reports from IDC, a global research firm suggests that while 2019 ends and enter 2020, the phase will be the tipping point for digital transformation and adoption of cloud platforms in the region. The Middle Eastern, a Turkey and Africa region is well poised to fasten its adoption of 3rd. cloud platform techs such as big data and cloud. Other than that the regions will also accelerate adoption in disruptive innovation accelerators such as robotics, blockchain, 3D printing, AI, IoT, a cognitive system, and AVR (augmented virtual reality).

The regions spending on information and communication technology is ready to shoot up a yearly growth of 2.5 percent on year in 2019 to reach $213 billion.