Boxbot’s last-mile delivery ...


Boxbot’s last-mile delivery system to make Shipment Faster

Boxbot’s last-mile delivery system to make Shipment Faster
The Silicon Review
12 June, 2019

Postal robots will soon be operating on the streets of the US. Recently, Boxbot, a deliver startup based in California unveiled its last-mile delivery system. The system has an autonomous local logistics and a robotic delivery hub.

The announcement was made a few weeks after America’s postal service, USPA decided to test autonomous trucks for interstate delivery in its backyard.

Boxbot has received funding worth $7.5 million by Toyota AI Venture in 2018. Until then, nothing much was known about the new development. Boxbot was working on something known as a black box; in last-mile delivery, sector fuelled by large partnerships and boisterous announcements about miles driven.

It is learned from the development that Boxbot is considering the last-mile delivery system as a holistic approach. The company’s fleet consists of autonomous vehicles that resemble a Lego creation.

The company has an automated local hub which is used for receiving packages, sorting and delivery preparation, along with self-driving vehicles. Boxbot intends to set up the hubs near the residential neighbourhood. 

Micro-fulfilment is not a new concept; as companies such as CommonSense Robotics has already deployed it to speed up the shipping process at a lower cost. Boxbot’s specialty is that it provides end-to-end last mile solution in its last mile delivery vehicles.