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5G-based industrial-use AI app...


5G-based industrial-use AI app Rolls out in Finland

5G-based industrial-use AI app Rolls out in Finland
The Silicon Review
06 June, 2019

ABB, a Switzerland-based automation company, becomes the first company to use a 5G wireless-based artificial intelligence application. The announcement was made public on Wednesday. The development is being carried out at one of the company’s plants in Helsinki for routine production purposes. 

According to ABB, the new application is the first of its kind in the globe with the actual industrial practice, Xinhua news agency suggests.

The application’s system made its debut this week at an assembly line which is particularly demanding to workers. The assembling process of different version happens in the same line; making things a little complex but the new system detects the faults quickly and then it corrects it.

Chris Poynter, ABB VP from Zurich, spoke exclusively to media in Helsinki.Mr. Poynter describes the power plant in Helsinki as the top notched location for ABB development work in the sector.

The company said that the new innovation was only possible because of the long-standing cross-industry networking tradition in Finland. The development of the project is rapidly moving on the basis of the cooperative ecosystem of the Finnish manufacturing industries and the mobile communications industry.

The computer vision for the new system is being powered by Atostek, a Finland-based software engineering firm together withTelia; a Nordic mobile phone operator which is providing the high-speed data connection to the system and the computing capacity needed by the application in its data.