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Cellebrite, an Israeli firm ha...


Cellebrite, an Israeli firm has revealed its tool to hack iPhones and iPads

Cellebrite, an Israeli firm has revealed its tool to hack iPhones and iPads
The Silicon Review
17 June, 2019

The formidable security of the iPhone may have just been compromised. Cellebrite, a forensics company located in Israel has just announced that it has developed the means to break into any iPhone or iPad anywhere on the globe, having any version of the iOS including the latest one. This is a genuine cause for concern as there are well over a billion people on the planet who use iOS-based devices. Apple has always been renowned for the level of security it provides on its devices, which can neither be hacked nor be infected with viruses or malware.

Moreover, the device that Cellebrite developed is reportedly available for purchase online for a little as $100. So it basically means that just about anyone who can spend $100 dollars could potentially break into any iPhone or iPad and get complete access to people’s personal information. However, Cellebrite announced that a person would require physical possession of the iPhone or iPad in order to be able to break into it. Furthermore, the company also said that it performs comprehensive security and background checks into anyone who wants to use its technology.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reportedly used Cellebrite’s tools to break into the iPhone of Syed RizwanFarook, the San Bernardino mass shooter. It remains to be seen as to how Apple responds to this news, especially in light of the numerous cyber crimes reported in the tech world