Aegis AI, a startup has developed software to help detect guns

Aegis AI, a startup has developed software to help detect guns
The Siliconreview
02 July, 2019

Gun violence in the United States is a major concern, claiming hundreds of lives each year. The lack of any significant regulatory measure, coupled with the easy availability of numerous types of firearms and ammunition has led to a surge in shootings. Schools have been targeted by gunmen, killing dozens of children and injuring others. While the government continues to be indecisive about the matter, a few startups have taken the initiative to do something about the growing epidemic.

Aegis AI, an ambitious startup has developed an artificial intelligence based engine that scans videos to look for firearms. What’s even better is that the system can work with footage from any camera and would not require any additional investment for hardware. A customer can sign up for the service and Aegis AI can hookup its unique software with an existing camera to provide a technique for detecting guns.

The artificial intelligence system is honed by feeding it several pictures and videos with firearms in them so that it knows what to look for. For the founder and CEO, Sonny Tai, gun control has been a personal agenda. His family moved to the United States from South Africa after a close friend of the family was murdered in his own home. This incident prompted Sonny to do something about the rampant gun violence plaguing the United States.

Aegis AI has secured $2.2 million in a round led by Upside Partnership, Bling Capital and Tensility Venture Partners.