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Google Unveils New International Subsea Cable Project to connect Europe and Africa

Google Unveils New International Subsea Cable Project to connect Europe and Africa
The Silicon Review
02 July, 2019

Google has unveiled a new development for strengthening its cloud computing infrastructure, Reuters reported. The company will connect Europe and Africa through its third private international subsea cable known as “Equiano” for the new development.

The development was announced to the public on Friday.

According to Google, the new cable is the company’s 14th subsea cable investment worldwide. Google has pumped in $47billion in the last three years to enhance its global tech infrastructure. Fully funded by the company, Equiano is made up of an optical switching device at the fibre-pair level. Traditionally, the sea-cable connection is carried out by wavelength-level switching but optical switching is more efficient.

In order to build the cable, the tech behemoth has inked a deal with Alcatel Submarine Networks in Q4, 2018.

The first stage of the project will connect South Africa and Portugal and is likely to be completed within two years.

Apart from the new cable project, Google successfully completed its first private intercontinental cable project- “Curie”. The cable is connected from Chile to Los Angeles.

Other cable sea projects announcements that Google has made in 2018 include the Dunant transatlantic submarine cable project. The project will connect France and the US. Next Year, the project will see a 6,600 km cable coming into service.

Coming to subsea cables, they are the main carrier which provides internet connectivity throughout the globe.