Spin rolls out newer and tougher electric scooters

Spin rolls out newer and tougher electric scooters
The Siliconreview
27 July, 2019

Electric scooters are increasingly popular in cities facing frustrating traffic snarls. Numerous ambitious startups backed by reputed venture capitalists have been rolling out rentable electric scooters in an effort to reduce congestion in cities as well as battle climate change by a reduction in vehicular emissions.

Spin, an electric scooter company acquired by a subsidiary of Ford is planning to unveil a new electric scooter with additional features. The new scooter would feature larger tires, a stronger frame, better brakes, and extended range. These developments come in the wake of issues concerning durability, safety as well as numerous cases of theft and vandalism. These improvements would go a long way in improving the overall riding experience for users, especially in light of the fact that scooters like these undergo significant wear and tear due to everyday urban usage.

The new model is touted to fetch greater profits with enhanced durability and range. Spin launched the scooters in Baltimore as part of an experiment to test their feasibility as well as public opinion. The results indicated a potential to improve profits driven by to greater usage (due to better riding conditions and range) and reduction in losses due to thefts.

The new model has 10-inch wheels to facilitate greater stability and improved shock absorption, in addition to better brakes and a range of over 37 miles. Spin now operates in 47 cities across the United States.