The UK is planning to develop laser weapons to shoot out missiles and drones

The UK is planning to develop laser weapons to shoot out missiles and drones
The Siliconreview
10 July, 2019

Advancement in military technology has always gone hand in hand with military supremacy. Nations with the best and most advanced weapons have always established themselves as dominant world powers. Being the world’s foremost powers, The United States, Russia, The United Kingdom, etc. have all been spending significantly to develop ever more powerful weapons. One of the more advanced defense systems being developed by the United Kingdom seems like something straight out of a science fiction blockbuster – laser weapons.

While the idea seems fantastical, it is by no means new. Laser weapons have long since been theorized as ideal weapons to shoot out missiles from the sky before they reach their targets, and for taking out enemy drones that might be too small and agile for conventional anti-aircraft missiles. The Ministry of Defense in Britain has announced plans to invest more than $160 million in the development of prototypes for demonstration purposes. This effort would go into testing the feasibility of such weapons and the British government plans to have them ready for military trials by 2023. However, a spokesperson for the MoD declined to comment on the matter, saying that it was too early for specifying dates of deployment.

This project is to be part of the Ministry of Defense’s Novel Weapons Programme, which oversees the development and implementation of innovative weapon systems.

The United Kingdom is not the only nation that is developing laser weapons. The United States, as well as Germany, have been developing laser weapon systems to be outfitted on naval vessels and ground attack vehicles.