America To Use Paper Ballots In 2020 Presidential Elections

America To Use Paper Ballots In 2020 Presidential Elections
The Siliconreview
19 August, 2019

The United States of America is all set to adopt a new security system to maintain the audit ballot safety for 2020 elections. It is said that the US is adopting verifiable paper ballots for the elections rather using the voting machines, and new electronic systems are being used to safeguard theballot papers and this decision by the Government prevents the cyberattack.

Since 2016, the US has faced security issues and became a debatable topic in recent times. Most of the democrats questioned the government about election security bills. The Brennan Center for Justice reported that the audit ballot paper will be safeguarded by using modern security systems and any issues regarding cyberattack will be sought immediately.

As per the recent report, only 22 states of USA have voter-verifiable records which require an audit of the ballots that have to be certified before elections. The advocates of Georgia and the other States of Columbia have agreed to this and are happy to use paper ballots than the voting machines

"That's a huge win for election security that will reverberate across other states that have equally vulnerable systems,” said Alex Halderman, a computer scientist from the University of Michigan. Many jurisdictions have agreed on the judgment.

With this, the American government is trying to rectify the mistakes that occurred during 2016 elections and has ensured that the upcoming elections will have no such flaws. This decision by the US government is welcomed by the people and is all set to vote through ballot papers.