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Gravitating Consumers: Brenda ...


Gravitating Consumers: Brenda Yang, CMO of Rally Health, Does Things Differently

Gravitating Consumers: Brenda Yang, CMO of Rally Health, Does Things Differently
The Silicon Review
30 August, 2019

In an exclusive interview with the Business Insider, Brenda Yang, the Chief Marketing Officer of an American digital-health company, Rally Health, shared her strategy for targeting the right audience for positive results. 

Founded by Grant Verstanding, Rally Health was incorporated in 2010. A few years back, UnitedHealth grabbed a majority of stake in the company, and after that in 2017, it became a subsidiary of UnitedHealth's Optum unit.

Currently Owned by UnitedHealth Group, the company sells a tech platform targeted at making the consumer health experience seamless. But, if someone uses the platform, they perhaps may not pay from their pocket. Instead, the company has partnered with companies that are footing the customers’ medical expenditures, in hopes that they become healthier and the insurance is done at a cost that is as low as possible. 

But, the puzzle lies there: how does the company market that? And whom does it target? 

In light of the matter, Ms.Yang said that her strategy is simple. She focuses on pop-up events and collaborating with celebrities such as Katie Couric, attracting fresh users and balancing the user’s engagement, and tapping different businesses for marketing. 

A Harvard graduate, Ms.Yang has been with the company for five years, joining after time at the social-gaming company Zynga and Yahoo. 

“At the most basic level, even though Rally Health has a "complex business model," the company's marketing comes down to focusing on the consumer”, Ms. Yang was quoted as saying by Business Insider.