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Fitbit Inks Deal with Singapor...


Fitbit Inks Deal with Singapore Government to Reach 1 Million Users

Fitbit Inks Deal with Singapore Government to Reach 1 Million Users
The Silicon Review
22 August, 2019

Fitbit Inc has inked a deal with the Singapore government as it targets to reach up to one million new users, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

The initiative will be carried out by providing fitness trackers and services through a health program, the company said. The trackers will be free for the users who spend USD 7.22 every month for one year, on Fitbit’s premium subscription plan.

The new move by the American wearable pioneer could bolster its operations. In the past two years, Fitbit’s share has slumped in the face of competition from rivals such as Samsung Electronics, Apple, and others.

A Fitbit official said that the primary goal of the program is to reach upto one million people. On Wednesday, the company’s shares closed up 2 percent on the New York Stock Exchange.

Once the subscribers register themselves to the program, they will receive personalised advices on health and nudges for maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as doing exercises, eating good food, and maintain a good sleeping pattern, said one of the top-level executives of Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB).

The program will kick off in October and users have to confirm on whether they would share data with HPB, which will collect data for promoting fitness, etc.

Singapore has the longest life expectancy in the world with a population of 5.6 million people. But, its government is concerned about the fast-ageing generation due to a high rate of diabetes and heart problems among them.