Deloitte Launches new Blockchain-based platform

Deloitte Launches new Blockchain-based platform
The Siliconreview
23 August, 2019

One of the big four accounting organizations around the world, Deloitte, has launched a new self-contained computing platform.

Dubbed as "Blockchain in a Box" (BIAB), it can be used to host network on a micro level so that companies can test their capabilities. The platform is made up of three video displays, four, small-form-factor computer nodes, and networking components.

The company said that the nodes can fit different SD cards to demonstrate blockchain distributed applications. Its modular blockchain demonstrator has been showcased to different clients where the responses were positive.

After all, BIAB helps clients to gain knowledge about blockchain and how it can be used effectively in an enterprise. 

The American company released its annual Global Blockchain Survey earlier this year. According to the reports, 83 percent of the people responded that their organizations have found blockchain used cases compelling. On the other hand, more than 53 percent of the people said that blockchain technology has turned out to be a key weapon for their organizations.

While reports by other firms outline a much slower adoption curve. In the case of Gartner, its 2018 blockchain adoption survey indicated that only a percent of responding CIOs were adapting the blockchain and 8 percent of them had short term usage plans.

The CIOs from the following sectors showed interests to lead other verticals in blockchain planning and experimentation: insurance, telecom, and financial services.

Blockchain technology is very promising and definitely, its usage will be more in the years to come.