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Potential Drug to Bring about a Revolution in Neurological Sciences

Potential Drug to Bring about a Revolution in Neurological Sciences
The Silicon Review
30 August, 2019

Potential drugs to treat brain disorders such as stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s disease is now discovered by an international team of scientists from Gero Discovery LLC and Nanosyn Inc. and the clinical trials are yet to be done, soon after the approval, the drug will be released into the market. The newly developed drugs are showing a broad range of specificity and fewer side effects.

Brain disorders are among the most important cause of death worldwide. The World Health Organization’s recent report stated that around 1.8% death around the world occurs due to brain injury. The new drugs which are already available in the market are providing instant relief but do have adverse side effects.

The research team who developed the potent drugs recently said that the drug is showing a quick response with minimal side effects. The scientists are carrying out further experiments in order to release the drugs in the market as early as possible.

“There is, of course, still much work to do. We are currently investigating the efficacy of our compounds in the models of toxicity-related neurological diseases. We have already obtained good safety results in mice and believe that we will be successful in our future investigations,"stated Olga Burmistrova, the Director of preclinical development, Gero Discovery.

This discovery will set a benchmark in the field of Life Sciences. The potent drug which is discovered is already creating big news on the media. The researchers areeagerly waiting for the success of clinical trials and approval to release the product into the market.