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It Is a Picture-Perfect Hack: ...


It Is a Picture-Perfect Hack: Ransomware can affect your DSLRs’

It Is a Picture-Perfect Hack: Ransomware can affect your DSLRs’
The Silicon Review
12 August, 2019

Photographers most favorite, DSLR cameras can be hacked. Yes, the news has come straight from DEF CON hacking conference held at Las Vegas.

EyalItkin, an employee from checkpoint software technologies said that ransomware can affect your cameras. Itkin also said that digital cameras these days are equipped with WiFi. By remotely tricking the camera into installing a malicious firmware update, it can affect the stored memory which may help hackers to steal data from the memory card. The camera in question was a Canon EOS 80D, a camera which is preferred by many freelance photographers with 24.2 Megapixel is in limelight for uncertain reasons.

EyalItkin said, "If you can do something to cameras, you have many potential victims you can affect”. He also suggested people turn off their WiFi and BlueTooth when not in use.

Even Canon has warned its users to be safe from such malicious software, Canon wrote. “Do not connect the camera to a PC or mobile device that is being used in an unsecured network, such as in a free Wi-Fi environment.”It is advised to avoid connecting cameras in unknown places and turning off your WiFi and BlueTooth when you are not using.

That is one way you can save your vacation pics from malicious hackers. After all, they are your precious memories, which have to be treated with the utmost care.  Now you can’t say you are not warned about it.