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Volocopter unveils its first a...


Volocopter unveils its first air taxi

Volocopter unveils its first air taxi
The Silicon Review
22 August, 2019

On-demand taxis have changed how millions of people around the globe go about their daily commute. It has successfully stimulated the on-demand ride-sharing industry across the world. The next step in this market is to provide electric air taxis and the company which rolls out a viable flying taxi could be the first one to grab this new and emerging market. German startup Volocopter unveiled a brand new electric aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing that might just be suited for commercial deployment.

The new aircraft is called VoloCity and is the fourth in a line of a series of aircraft in which the previous ones were made only for testing and demonstrations. The VoloCity has 18 rotors and boasts of a top speed of 70 miles per hour, with a maximum range of about 35 kilometers. It has a capacity to hold two passengers along with some extra room for their backpacks and purses. This aircraft has met all the safety standards set by government regulators.

The VoloCity features additional comfort and safety features to improve the flying experience. Volocopter has also been focusing on the business aspect of its products and services, developing the required infrastructure and pricing models for a feasible air-taxi business. The company envisions establishing VoloPorts, locations for passengers to board and disembark from the aircraft. The company is planning for a test flight of its latest rollout later this year in Singapore.