WOKITTpro Company is all set to launch its new app in India and the USA

WOKITTpro Company is all set to launch its new app in India and the USA
The Siliconreview
27 August, 2019

The real estate firm is one of the booming industries in recent times; it is now all set to get modernized and innovative. WOKKITpro, a real estate firm is bringing in new technologies to the market where it is launching a new app, which helps the customers to locate their site sitting back at their home; it also gives the information about the facilities in and around the place where your land is located.

The CIO and founder of the company G. Venkata Raman said that “WOKKITTpro is the only digital technology-based business intelligence tool in the field of real estate in India.”Now the firm has decided to launch its app in countries like the US and Singapore.

The new app developed by the company is gaining public interest, it is helping people in time consumption by helping the users to analyze and interpret the information specific to the business. This is helping the company to catalyze its growth rate and also is grabbing people’s attention in and around the country.

The app includes other features such as gazette and legal information, a public notice to avoid litigation problems. It helps its clients and customers to make informed decisions. There is no third party involvement in here. The app is inclusive of the buyers, traders, sellers, real estate suppliers, and service provider’s information.

This move by WOKITTpro is appreciated all over and the firm is all set to launch its new app simultaneously in India and the US. According to the real estate tycoon, it is one of the bravest and smart moves by the company.