Amazon announces more Alexa incorporated products

Amazon announces more Alexa incorporated products
The Siliconreview
26 September, 2019

In an event on Wednesday, Amazon announced the launch of many products that are Alexa-enabled. As expected, earpods which make use of the AI assistant were announced. Priced at $130, the earbuds have five hours of battery life and twenty hours via a rechargeable case. A smart oven that can be used via an echo was announced. The user can program to cook the food automatically.

Two new introductions to the Echo lineup are the Studio and the Flex. The Echo Studio is a higher-end, advanced version of the artificial intelligence speaker while the Echo Flex is a much smaller and convenient version that propagates the use of Alexa in all spheres of life. They also introduced the Echo Glow, a speaker that glows, for the younger demographic.

To fancy up things, Amazon also announced the launch of Alexa enabled glasses which will be available only on invitation. The Amazon clock, a smart clock which displays the temperature outside was also introduced.

Alexa is also getting some major changes and a considerable ‘facelift’. A privacy feature is being introduced to delete all the recordings on the interface. A new feature that enables the device to detect when the user is annoyed is also being incorporated. Amazon also wants to introduce a new celebrity voice (Samuel L. Jackson) for a small fee.