Nuclear Energy: A Clean Answer to Meet The Rising Energy Demand

Nuclear Energy: A Clean Answer to Meet The Rising Energy Demand
The Siliconreview
17 September, 2019

There are various challenges to meet the energy needs of the world due to the fact that the demand for electricity is steadily growing. When there is access to reliable and affordable clean energy, it opens up a new avenue for education, economic opportunity, affordable health care, communication, and safe homes. Nuclear energy is a clean option to meet the challenges. In past nuclear energy had faced significant backlash the general public, but now the situation is changing slowly. In the previous year’s Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), energy ministers from 26 countries along with the European Commission made an important announcement that nuclear energy will now be classified under clean energy source, furthermore, they launched an initiative to encourage various other organizations to do the same.

Various institutions also consider nuclear energy as an essential factor to expand energy access and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the United States almost 19 percent of the electricity that is generated is from 97 nuclear reactors. Globally, there are 444 commercial nuclear reactors excluding the 111 planned reactors and 54 under construction, most of them are located in India, China, and Russia. Reactors produce gigawatts of electricity without producing any air pollutants.

Nuclear waste is a concern among people but technically it is a solvable challenge. In Finland, the nuclear industry proved that building a deep geological repository would allow nuclear waste to be disposed ofand isolated away from people. Despite public reception nuclear energy has a positive track record and with incredible benefits, it can be used to conserve the environment.