Cruise Industry in European Countries Get a Modern Touch

Cruise Industry in European Countries Get a Modern Touch
The Siliconreview
28 September, 2019

The cruise industry in European countries is investing in modern technology and innovation. The sector is one of the major sources of income in countries such as UK, Switzerland, etc. These countries are focusing on developing new technologies and to create a turbulent business ecosystem. The industry is now aiming to build 36 new ships in the most exotic locations of the world to ensure that their customers receive one-of-a-kind experiences.

Recent reports have stated that 21.7 million people are using the cruise line services, currently. Most of the passengers who travel on the cruise are from America (52 percent) followed by Australia which is approximated to 38 percent. The cruise companies are investing $16 billion in the field of technology and innovation to cut off the cost of operations and environmental impact by adopting new energy-saving technologies.

A cruise company named Royal Connect has introduced new innovations such as smart wristbands that use radio frequency that enables to keep track of passengers on-board. Another invention includes Guest Kiosks, where guests can check their emails, restaurant reservations, and also can confirm their flight tickets and print their airline boarding passes. Other innovation in recent time includes 5D theater, smart glass, and electrochromic technology for tracking details pertaining to the passengers.

This new strategy by cruise companies is helping them to gain attention across the world. By building new cruise lines and creating innovative and flashy experiences, they can draw passengers easily and promote tourism.