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New awareness campaign for cyb...


New awareness campaign for cybersecurity was announced by CSA of Singapore

New awareness campaign for cybersecurity was announced by CSA of Singapore
The Silicon Review
13 September, 2019

The Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore organized a nationwide study that resulted in identifying complacency towards cyber-security breaches, regardless of the fact that there is a prevalence of incidents and increased awareness among the people about the risks involved. The study examined the adoption of cyber practices and public awareness. It also measured the people’s behavior and attitude towards it. In the 3rd edition of the annual Cybersecurity Public Awareness Survey, this study was released with1,105 responses recorded and about 48 percent of the respondents claiming of at least one cyber incident. There was a high level of concern among the people regarding cyber incidents along with high awareness. Most of the respondents did not anticipate becoming a victim of such incidents. One-third of victims encountered such experience from pop-up advertisements which has potential risk for incidents.

Data leakage by a company was experienced by almost 15 percent of the respondents. Various other incidents were also recorded in the responses like infected ransomware, phishing email, and illegal controlling of devices or computers by a hacker. The survey pointed out that improvement is required in various areas due to the fact that the majority of the transactions happen online and only a few percentages of the users have installed security solutions into their devices.

Chief Executive at CSA, Mr. David Koh stated that the results of the study have increased their concerns about cybersecurity in Singapore. Headded that attacks will continue to prevail in the digital age and it will rise significantly in the future. It is important to maintain cyber hygiene to avoid incidents and CSA announced an awareness campaign called Go Safe Online 2019 to raise awareness about the personal consequences of cyber incidents.