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Ways to Boost Europe’s u...


Ways to Boost Europe’s use of AI in Military defense

Ways to Boost Europe’s use of AI in Military defense
The Silicon Review
09 September, 2019

Countries like Russia, the US, and China is racing ahead in their incorporation of AI in their military backdrop; Europe is on the verge of falling behind if the leaders fail to take necessary steps. Recently, countries like Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, and the Netherlands made food-for-thought paper in May2019; the countries posed a number of questions aiming to bolster defense-relevant AI research in Europe. It is ideal for the countries to create a data mobility framework to serve as a walkthrough for models, algorithms, future concepts, primary access to elastic computing, data sharing, and sophisticated training and testing.

 Key challenges must be addressed and a solid conceptual framework will drastically benefit the armed forces. The leaders must understand the importance of military mobility projects, only then the cross-border military project can be standardized for hassle-free movement of equipment and personnel. The European countries must align physical mobility with data mobility because data also needs to be exchanged. Data acquisition strategy must remain focused on sharing because only then data on anything can be accessed under government-controlled regulation.

There are various types of domains like sea, air, land, cyberspace, and space which have unique sets of requirements. In order to cater to the unique needs the systems cannot rely only on single machine learning technology and so, data fusion can be used to fulfill unique requirements to improve reliability. The simulation environment is the key to evaluate the societal, legal, and ethical impact made by AI systems because this will help in deciding the use of AI systems to augment virtual training solutions.