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Schools in European countries ...


Schools in European countries to set up food banks to help feed their pupils

Schools in European countries to set up food banks to help feed their pupils
The Silicon Review
05 September, 2019

The schools in European countries are setting an example by starting new food banks in their school to help the people who are in dire need. The school management is also supporting this new initiation which is developed by their students and is requesting the respective government to support this wonderful cause.

The government has responded positively and is planning to set up food banks in every grad school by the end of 2019.According to the survey conducted by the National Governance Association’s annual survey, there is an increase in the number of food banks, which is increasing every year. The proportion is increasing drastically in the North East where there is almost 13% increase in the rates of the food bank.

“It is a good idea to open such food banks at school in the world," said Mr. Barton, leader of the ASCL headteachers' union. Food banks are providing emergency supplies of food, in schools that are in the north-east of England, the West Midlands, and London.

This move by the schools is supported all over the world and countries like China, India, Korea, Brazil, and Japan. With this move, Europe will become the first country to set-up a food bank to help the local community people who are in need. The presidential board of schools are backing this move by the headteachers and are also educating people about this.