Apple Inc. unveils iPhone 11 with brand new colors and rear camera quality

Apple Inc. unveils iPhone 11 with brand new colors and rear camera quality
The Siliconreview
11 September, 2019

The world’s most trusted brand and enterprise launched its new phone, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max on Tuesday. The phones start at $699, $999, and $1099, respectively. The specialty of these phones is they have a brand new look with a palette of colors, longer battery life and the most astonishing feature which is an A13 Bionic process for better and faster performance.

The most phenomenal feature of the phone is its camera; the phone has three cameras on the back of Pro and Pro Max models,whereas two on the back of the iPhone11. The iPhone which symbolizes the golden standard for a smartphone design is now bigger and better, both in terms of cutting-edge features as well as the face ID unlocking system which is faster than the previous models.

More interestingly, the handsets are made up of steel, with three camera arrays and a wide-angle lens alongside the telephoto lenses, which will allow capturing a scene with greater focal length and edges, with pixel 4 square cameras hump. It has a night mode to improve performance with low light, and it is automated and light adjustable with sensors.

The phone is considered to have “the fastest GPU in a smartphone”. The iPhone 11 will run iOS 13. And this version will be upgraded from September 19 as a free software update. Additional software features of the phone will be available from September 30 and the price for the upgraded features is yet tobe revealed.