Geologists discover lost continent near Europe

Geologists discover lost continent near Europe
The Siliconreview
24 September, 2019

A newly discovered landmass was found near the Mediterranean region. This newly discovered continent which is approximately the size of Greenland has been named Greater Adria. The mountainous terrain has been estimated to have broken off from Africa 140 million years ago. Since then the tectonic plate movement has caused it to drift somewhere close to Southern Europe.

"Most mountain chains that we investigated originated from a single continent that separated from North Africa more than 200 million years ago. The only remaining part of this continent is a strip that runs from Turin via the Adriatic Sea to the heel of the boot that forms Italy.Without realizing it, vast numbers of tourists spend their holiday each year on the lost continent of Greater Adria,"said Douwe van Hinsbergern, study author and professor of global tectonics and paleogeography at Utrecht University.

The renowned geologist said that this discovery is not very surprising considering the erratic nature and the unpredictable fault lines present in the tectonic plates of the Mediterranean region. He called it a ‘geological mess’ whilst also implying that this discovery is probably not going to be the last. The researchers further dated the landmass and discovered that it probably broke off to become its own continent during the Triassic period.