Nintendo Rolls Out Switch Lite: An Exclusive Device For Handheld Gaming

Nintendo Rolls Out Switch Lite: An Exclusive Device For Handheld Gaming
The Siliconreview
20 September, 2019

Nintendo has remained consistent about few factors ever since its entry into the world of video games. The company is widely known for making enduring portable gaming experience. Some of the important products in its gaming on the go lineup include Game Boy brick, dual-screened DS, and Game and Watch. In 2017 the company introduced the world to Switch; the console eliminates the border between home and handheld gaming. The device was like a tablet which canbe used anywhere but it can also slide into a dock to play games on television. Now the company has introduced Switch lite, a cheaper and smaller version of the original Switch with few core features cut out.

Lite is designed specifically for handheld mode, allowing gamers to enjoy in a variety of situations and places. The new device is smaller than Switch with a 5.5-inch display and it is overall tinier. Lite is weighed at 0.61 pounds and it doesn’t stress the users’ arm. The control layout is also similar and has a microSD card slot and headphone jack. Lite has an OS that is almost similar to Switch, and the device has almost three to seven hours of battery life. A few of the cons in Lite includes feature cutouts like detachable controllers, connection to TV, and built-in rumble. But one of the standout features is an improvement made on the original.