iFixit’s reparability rating for Microsoft’s Surface Laptop is out

iFixit’s reparability rating for Microsoft’s Surface Laptop is out
The Siliconreview
25 October, 2019

iFixit, a private company based in California, specializes in publishing online repaid guides and repair parts for gadgets and consumer electronics. The company is also well-known to perform product teardowns of consumer devices, and recently, it completed its teardown of Microsoft’s Surface laptop 3. After the teardown, iFixit was left baffled because they didn’t break anything permanently. When the company tore down the first Microsoft Surface laptop, they could only do irreparable damages, and the device received 0/10 reparability scores.  This year’s Surface Laptop 3 was completely different from its previous version because the teardown team was able to get the entire thing disassembled into its parts. With minimal effort, they were able to reassemble it to be in proper condition.

The new Laptop is similar to the original Surface, and the front plates can be easily separated by using a spudger and a Torx driver. One of the most likable part of the teardown was Microsoft’s use of magnets to keep the keyboard seam connected. Once the keyboard is lifted, the Surface’s M.2 SSD will be completely visible, and it is an uncertain advantage for repairing. The Surface Laptop 3 was able to earn a score of 5/10 from iFixit, and it is considered a serious turnaround from its original surface.