Microsoft wins $10bn JEDI contract based on its cloud computing services and strategies

Microsoft wins $10bn JEDI contract based on its cloud computing services and strategies
The Siliconreview
30 October, 2019

The Department of Defense (DoD) in a recent press conference stated that Microsoft has been awarded the long-detailed $10 billion Joint enterprise defense infrastructure (JEDI) cloud computing contract elicited responses of surprise from many in the industry.

The release also confirmed that the contract to Microsoft made for new and vendors reading. The award was conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. There were many companies that participated in the bidding session and the committee with at most transparency has evaluated them correctly with consistency and solicitations stated in the evaluation criteria board members.

Arguably the biggest point of discussion and limelight was on the entire procurement which was focused on the single or the multi-cloud approach. Also, the company mainly focuses on new innovations in the field of cloud computing services and technology

We will see the cloud market become increasingly decentralized in the years to come, as more specialist vendor’s spring up to meet specific customer needs at better prices.We just have to hope the JEDI contract doesn’t feed the giant at the expense of the competition being able to grow,”stated the board members of Microsoft.

DoD official communications note a two-year base contract period with $1m guaranteed.$10 billion is a definitely an eye-catching number – Microsoft noted in its financials last week ‘material growth’ in $10 million Azure deals – but the contract has plenty of wiggle room.