Priority Software to start ERP for Small Businesses in North America

Priority Software to start ERP for Small Businesses in North America
The Siliconreview
28 October, 2019

Priority Software, which is renowned for its business management solutions globally, today announced the launch of its first starter ERP for small businesses, Priority Zoom, in North America to provide a range of products for SMBs at all levels of market maturity. A cloud-based solution, Priority Zoom will enable small businesses to streamline routine operational tasks and save time and resources by managing company financials, inventory, sales, and customer relationships.

Priority Zoom allows organizations and their clients to track and manage every phase of the sales cycle and analyze and report business operations with built-in BI analytics, advanced reports, and dashboards. The solution also includes the ability to create sales orders, invoicing and billing, synchronize purchasing processes, and automatically generate ledger, transaction, financial, and cash flow reports. It is powered by an intuitive UI, Priority Zoom generates customer lists, product and services catalogs with pricing, and supports payment terms management.

The firm stated that Priority Zoom will deliver scalable performance for up to five users, with secure access from any browser, anywhere, at any time, without sacrificing performance for large data sets. Priority Zoom also offers seamless integration with multi-carrier shipping and logistics provider, ShipEngine. 

“Priority Zoom is an ideal fit for small to mid-sized organizations that may not be ready for a full ERP implementation, but are outgrowing their current accounting software,” said Scott Davisson, Managing Director at Priority Software U.S.