The New Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Is All Set To Debut in November

The New Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Is All Set To Debut in November
The Siliconreview
03 October, 2019

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider for open source solutions, recently the company made an announcement that Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (solution for operating and building automation at scale) is now generally available for enterprises. The new platform can propel collaborations between teams to reduce risks, improve operational efficiency, and to provide consistent user experience spanning across technology and infrastructure domains. New Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform comprises of various powerful automation suites of the company like the Red Hat Network Automation, Red Hat Ansible engine, and Red Hat Tower together with SaaS and features and capabilities for organization-wide efficiency.

The new platform provides building blocks that can reduce the time to value when the company wants to start the automation, secure content management, and powerful analytics of automation deployment. Ansible’s content is continually created by independent distributors, Red Hat, and Partners making it one of the leading open-source automation communities. The Automation Hub serves as a general repository to publish content for customers to identify supported and certified Ansible Content Collections. The new launch also introduces Automation Analytics for users to see how automation activities perform. Red Hat Automation Platform will be available from November 2019 and existing customers can update to the latest version with no extra cost.