Microsoft is shifting gears to propel itself in the quantum computing race

Microsoft is shifting gears to propel itself in the quantum computing race
The Siliconreview
08 November, 2019

Recently Google made an announcement regarding its quantum supremacy when its machine significantly outpaced traditional machines. But Microsoft is anticipating to make a progress of its own in the quantum race by completely redesigning the core elements of the qubit. Microsoft has been working on topological qubit for quite some time now, and it is expecting to deliver the perks of quantum computing technology after figuring out the complex hardware of qubits. Quantum computers are hard to program, hard to operate, hard to build, and hard to understand because they have required certain mandatory conditions to be fulfilled for functioning.

Computing challenges of classical computers can be tackled by running quantum computers in data centers. Qubits can be easily perturbed, and it is one of the problems in quantum computing. Even by creating an isolated environment, the individual qubits can only perform useful functions for only a fraction of second. Microsoft’s topological qubit requires lesser number of qubits to make a logical qubit and this one of the notable uses in building a quantum computer. Quantum computers are expected to simulate the physics in underlying molecular interactions because it has the potential to identify the catalyst needed to the power manufacturing process.