Research proves that eating apple seeds are beneficial for health

Research proves that eating apple seeds are beneficial for health
The Siliconreview
27 November, 2019

A recent research which was published in the Frontiers of Microbiology has shown that eating the seeds of apples has proven to be beneficial for the health as they contain certain germs that help with enhancing gut health. The core of the apple contains almost 100 million bacteria along with extra flavonoids and other health beneficial substances. The researchers also propagate eating organic based fruit in order to derive the maximum possible benefits.

“Known pathogens, including those in the Escherichia-Shigella family which can cause diarrhoea and intestinal disease, were found in most of the conventional apple samples but not in the organic. And the reverse was true for beneficial probiotic bacteria, Lactobacilli.Finally, Methylobacterium, a type of bug that plays a role in helping strawberry flavour compounds mature, was significantly more abundant in organic apples, especially on the peel and in the flesh.The differences between organic and conventional apples could certainly be attributable to a variety of factors within farming and storage conditions," were the statements of the researchers from the findings of the study.

Apples are sort of a superhero amongst fruit with almost 83 million grown and consumed just last year; more than any other fruit. This nutritious fruit is extremely rich in anti-oxidants and  polyphenols which help with the body’s metabolism.