Africa adopts smarts technique...


Africa adopts smarts techniques in order to help its farmers

Africa adopts smarts techniques in order to help its farmers
The Silicon Review
27 December, 2019

The newest country to adopt smart techniques and improving technologies to help its farmers is Africa. Africa is a country where one of the major occupations are farming but they lack the infrastructure and technology that is required in order to keep in competition with other countries. Being a country that is poor in capital but is lucky enough to have abundance of natural resources is a double edged sword that has long since affected Africa. But all of this changed when a company called Acquahmeyer came in to help out the small- scale farmers of the country.

"Ghanaian vegetables were not making it to the EU countries because of pesticide residues on the fruit and vegetables. With drones, farmers can identify pests and disease to determine exactly which crops need spraying, Nelson says. Thanks to the reduced use of chemicals (pesticide use dropped 50 percent in some cases), it's easier for farmers to meet EU countries' regulatory limits," says chief operations officer Kenneth A. Nelson.

The company rents out drones in order to survey farms and check the produce, level of pesticides being used, etc. in order to ascertain whether it is fit for export. The company had initially started out with a couple of drones but now has close to ten which it rents out to farmers.