Microsoft reveals new Windows logo design and modern app icons

Microsoft reveals new Windows logo design and modern app icons
The Siliconreview
13 Decemebr, 2019

Microsoft in a recent press meet has revealed its new Windows logo as well as the icons for new operating system’s (OS) applications. Along with this, Microsoft also gave a hint about redesigning more than 100 icons across the company with new colors, materials, and finishes.

The designers from Microsoft are now working collaboratively internally in what’s described as an “open source” way, and are making the required changes to the previous OS applications. The current Windows logo, used in both Windows 8 and in Windows 10 is a flat color, while the new logo has a gradient of blue with each quarter representing a different color. Microsoft is also tweaking other sectors of Windows 10X, to get quick access to setting panels, notification center, and more.

“We needed to signal innovation and change while maintaining familiarity for customers. We also had to develop a flexible and open design system to span a range of contexts while still being true to Microsoft,” stated Jon Friedman, corporate vice president of design and research at Microsoft.

Microsoft’s new logo and icon work with greater ease and this design will continue throughout 2020. The company’s Edge browser also has a new icon, and the Office itself has a more modern logo. There’s still much to be done, and Microsoft is even trying to tackle mobile design.