The rising influence of tech on daily life

The rising influence of tech on daily life
The Siliconreview
03 Decemebr, 2019

Technology has made human lives simpler and more convenient. It has penetrated into and impacted every aspect of our everyday life. Today, technological resources have become too mainstream and we are so used to them that not many of us pause to marvel at these feats of human ingenuity and mentally thank the countless individuals responsible for bringing that technology to our homes- from the inventors, investors, producers, the people who make the products to the companies that ship them over. Here is a look at how technology has been evolving and how it has transformed our everyday life-

1) Communication

Technology came into the picture with the invention of telephones and telegraphs. Today we use instant messaging apps on our slim pocket-sized phones, converse with our families or friends through Skype, schedule seminars over the internet, organize online conferences with employees or clients or send voicemails or emails.

Technology has reduced the physical distance separating people and enhanced the efficiency of human communication.

2) Education

More and more schools and universities are embracing technology to redefine education. Advances in technology are being harnessed to make education more accessible and graspable. Webinars, digitized field trips, lessons packaged in a fun and interactive style, podcasts, interactive whiteboards, interactive apps, lessons taught through Skype, interaction with international students online are all fruits of technology that are helping produce a new generation of youngsters who enjoy and cherish learning.

3) Financial management

Gone are the days when people had to traipse to brick and mortar banks to carry out any financial transaction. With phone and internet banking, all such transactions- from checking bank balance to transferring money to creating new bank accounts- everything has been simplified to a few clicks or taps. People use digital wallets to make payments for online purchases and many more are starting to invest money in stocks and ETFs online. Technology has not only made money management hassle-free but secure with start-ups coming up with ever-more advanced algorithms and programmes to safeguard all transactions.

4) Home Entertainment

Technology has for a long time been enhancing the home entertainment experience. First came gramophones and bulky box-like television sets that produced wobbly grainy images and radios only to make way for cassettes and VCRs and slightly more advanced television. Today home entertainment is synonymous online streaming of movies and series, streaming sticks, OLED and QLED TVs and smart devices that will do as the owner commands- play any music, podcast or movie of his/her choice.

5) Travelling and commute

Before technology came to the rescue, people used to travel on horses, in carts drawn by horses or cross oceans in fragile ships, seasick and miserable. Since then, technology has invented steamships, trains, and automobiles. In the 21st century, for every day commuting, there are buses galore; some are even environment-friendly, there are subways or underground trains, bullet trains that travel at the speed of light. To make matters simpler, technology has come up with apps to buy tickets, track a bus/train, apps that remind you of arrival and departure time and many other nifty little advances that go a long way to make travelling a cakewalk.

Human life is bound up with technology. And this wedded bliss is all set to take on new proportions because there is no end to innovations.