Microsoft to Extend its Cloud Network in Egypt

Microsoft to Extend its Cloud Network in Egypt
The Siliconreview
02 March, 2019

Microsoft and Telecom Egypt, an Egyptian telecom company has entered into a partnership, where the tech behemoth will extend its cloud network in the North African country. The announcement was made on Wednesday at the World Mobile Congress 2019.

As a part of the partnership, the telecom will improve the performance and boost reliability for the customers of Microsoft services by delivering low-latency connectivity around Egypt.  The partnership will help Microsoft to cater to the local market in Egypt and will help to boost connectivity in the Middle East too.

With the new development, the country will get a direct connection to Microsoft’s global infrastructure. It will improve the delivery process for many services for customers.

For delivering its services inside Egypt, Microsoft will use its latent network optimization while its network investment will boost capacity.

The newly upgraded network connectivity in the country will integrate the tech behemoth’s global network to transatlantic and trans-Arabian paths.

Apart from that, the new development will speed up connectivity in the North African region and also help to enhance connectivity to the new Microsoft cloud regions in the UAE and South Africa.

The global network of Telecom Egypt was created with the help of investments that were carried out in private international submarine cable systems and consortiums.  The company has become a choice for content partners because of its reach and capacity in the international platform.

The country’s ideal geographic location across the sea has helped the company to connect over 11 cable systems from the east and 13 from the west.