NASA Space Suit Gets a Modern Touch

NASA Space Suit Gets a Modern Touch
The Siliconreview
12 August, 2019

NASA’s is all set to launch its currently unnamed mars machine on 17 July 2020. The main aim of this machine is to analyze and investigate ancient geological matter present on mars. NASA’s Mars mission also carries humans in it. The topic of interest is the spacesuits of astronauts, which is getting a modernized next generation touch. A company called Collins aerospace is designing the spacesuit.Spacesuits are of utmost importance to the astronauts as it protects them from various factors like ions, pressure and various conditions that exist in space.

Astronauts, Bob Behnken, and Doug Hurley went through suit-up procedures in California. The newly designed spacesuits will be worn by the astronauts during the mars mission, if everything goes right and if the design approved by the scientists of NASA.

NASA spacesuits which haven’t been customized or changed since decades is all set to get a modern touch. The weight of the newly designed spacesuits will be half the weight of its initial kind and it is the primitive type which allows the astronauts to move freely because of its low mass. NASA scientists have confirmed that the same spacesuit will be used in their 2024 lunar mission also. It will be a real challenge for scientists of NASA to check the desired quality and permit it for future use.