Google all set to rollout 120 titles for Stadia

Google all set to rollout 120 titles for Stadia
The Siliconreview
17 January, 2020

Stadia is a popular cloud gaming service provided by Google. The gaming console has the capability to stream games at 4K resolution and it has a high dynamic range. Google introduced several games along with the console and now the company is all set to release 120 more games in 2020 and it is also planning to release 10 more exclusive titles in the first half of 2020. Currently, the stadia has 26 titles and releasing the promised content would help the company take a huge leap. Previously Google had stated that only 4 games were on track by 2020, but now with lots of games on the card, it would be a treat for early adopters.

Over the next few months, new updates are expected and it will include support for more Android phones, 4K gaming on the web, and wireless gaming on the web with stadia controller furthermore, Google Assistant functions will also be enabled. 4K on the web is not a feature to be excited about because most of the games are working only in 1080 resolution. Pro version of stadia was promised 4K tier and it is expected to have some high-quality titles. When playing over the web the stadia controller can be used wirelessly after the new update.