NASA finalizes the space tourism outfit for its first ISS module

NASA finalizes the space tourism outfit for its first ISS module
The Siliconreview
28 January, 2020

NASA recently achieved an important milestone, as the administration has chosen Axiom Space to supply space tourism outfit for its first commercial module for the International Space Station. This module will connect the station node and will serve as an example. Axiom Space is also planning for space tourism and other private journeys. NASA officials will usher in a low-Earth Orbit economy aboard the ISS which is NASA’s other customer.

Axiom has won this nod as a part of a privately held competition that offered private access to station facilities and a port. The firm is also negotiating a contract that will include a five-year base performance period with a two-year option in that. Axiom is also making sure that the outfit is heat and water-resistant and has many other features which are yet to be revealed.

The firm has not announced when the module will be ready, but it is aiming to offer trips by the end of 2021. The company does not have much wiggle room, because NASA wants a transition in order to increase privatized ISS after 2024. This move by Axiom Space and NASA will definitely mark a departure from the classic research-oriented days and wants to move ahead in space research.