Shimadzu to Market And Sell TIPSO Airpad® On the US Healthcare Market

Shimadzu to Market And Sell TIPSO Airpad® On the US Healthcare Market
The Siliconreview
14 January, 2020

Shimadzu Medical Systems USA, a Shimadzu Corporation subsidiary and a leader in diagnostic medical imaging systems, together with Vancouver Canada's NZ Technologies and TIPSOTM technology developers, confirmed that they have agreed to sign a one-year renewable agreement that enables Shimadzu to market and sell the innovative TIPSO AirPad® on the US healthcare market. Established in 1875 in Kyoto, Japan and parent of Shimadzu Medical Systems USA (SMS), Shimadzu Corporation is a global supplier of medical diagnostic equipment including traditional, interventional, and digital X-Ray systems.TIPSO is the latest and advanced medical technology that is developed from the technical expertise and unique industrial experience of engineering team through interventions from doctors as co-inventors practicing in the field of Interventional Radiology.

This proprietary technology facilitates different modes of image navigation over the TIPSO AirPad surface, while the display of the system monitor displays a real-time representation of the hand and menu. Any simple USB port can be connected to the AirPad wirelessly to any workstation without having any physical connection to the hospital network or any form of patient data transfer/storage to keep it in line with HIPAA.