ERP system continues to play an important role in digital transformation

ERP system continues to play an important role in digital transformation
The Siliconreview
04 Febuary, 2020

An ERP system is used by an organization to integrate the application into the system and automate the business processes like operations, human resources, services, and technology. Consumer behavior has altered the landscape of the service industry and the main focus has been on experience and engagement. Many outside factors also affect the business-like newer techs, industry regulations, non-traditional players, and climate change. To overcome all the mentioned obstacles businesses are shifting their models. Digital transformation is one of the factors in which the industry will continue to adapt and grapple. It will remain as the heart of a successful approach and it requires proper planning and development. A unified system like ERP will help us maintain simplicity and transparency.

 A proper ERP system will help us manage cost, anticipate demand, and build newer tools to deal with changes. AES Corp is a Fortune 500 company that focuses on meeting the challenges and needs while satisfying the digitally and environmentally savvy consumer base. The company invests in technology and also helps in creating a smarter utility to deal with cons. AES Corp took a massive stride in 2016 while it went through digital transformation. The company consolidated the ERPs to align with its principles and SAP S/4 was selected to be a part of this success.