Ford enters the European scooter market with a Spin

Ford enters the European scooter market with a Spin
The Siliconreview
28 Febuary, 2020

The European scooter market is witnessing a new contender, Spin. The San Francisco-based scooter-sharing company Spin was acquired by the Ford car group in late 2018. The e-scooter company has grown its rideshare business to over 1,100 percent since Ford bought it.

In a move to expand its scooter rental business outside the U.S., Spin has announced its launch in Europe. Starting with Cologne, Germany the company plans to expand to other cities in Germany and later subsequently in other countries of Europe. German authorities had approved E-scooters for road traffic in June 2019, and this led to several providers rushing to grab a piece of the E-scooter market. Spin currently operates in more than 60 cities and 25 universities in the United States. The third generation of its scooter has also been announced by the company. Each scooter ride can now cover up to 37.5 miles at full charge, thanks to the significantly extended battery life the company is all set to explore a new market with the new scooter. In addition to extended battery life, the next-generation scooter also sports a larger frame, bigger tires, better shock absorption, and a wider and longer platform.

Apart from cars, Ford has started experimenting with new mobility services such as the e-scooter. Currently, Spin’s e-scooters are parked on the sidewalk as a standard practice, as the company is experimenting with spin hubs to allow the parking of multiple e-scooters in a single dock. Spin continues to operate under its brand name, even after the purchase by Ford Group.