Google is now moving European ...


Google is now moving European Union Data to the United States

Google is now moving European Union Data to the United States
The Silicon Review
29 Febuary, 2020

Some businesses are been driven by Britain's departure from the European Union. One such company is Google. Google, which in recent years has been securing user data in England within the context of "GDPR," is now moving its data to the United States.

Britain, one of the European Union's most important countries, talks recently about an agreement called "Brexit." The agreement includes the departure of Britain from the European Union. While some parts support the condition, others condemn it with some words. With the UK leaving the European Union, Google had to remove user data from the GDPR. As such, UK user data had to be transferred to US headquarters, Google.

People living in European Union countries can move easily into union countries. As Britain is one of the largest countries in the European Union, it can be said that many people in the European Union travel to England for business or travel purposes. According to allegations, data from users who spend some of their lives in the UK appear to be moving in to the USA.

Users, who have gone to the United Kingdom but do not live there and are not residents of the United Kingdom, claim they do not want their data transferred to the United States. However, it is noted that Google will continue to be on the agenda for data migration.