Jeremy Mitchell as Chief Data ...


Jeremy Mitchell as Chief Data and Analytics Officer for TrustScience

Jeremy Mitchell as Chief Data and Analytics Officer for TrustScience
The Silicon Review
07 Febuary, 2020

TrustScience USA Inc., which provides the Credit Bureau 2.0TM service as a leading AI-Powered Credit Scoring provider, announced that Jeremy Mitchell has entered the position of Chief Data and Analytics Officer. Jeremy was formerly a Vice President for Analytic Solutions Consulting, a major consumer credit reporting agency, .There he sponsored over $340 M in annual revenue and previously held product development duties in excess of $100 M for product portfolios.

Jeremy will utilize his 20 years of industry experience to supervise two key pillars of the SaaS platform of Trust Science, both alternative data and analytics as well.Trust Science generates custom scores using not only the historical records of a lender, but also proprietary information and data supplied by the public, all powered by machine learning and AI. "We're proud to have Jeremy join us to help define underwriting across the planet, for the 2020s," says Evan Chrapko, CEO and Founder, Trust Science. "

Trust Science paves the way for customers to have access to the relevant information and give them control over who can access the information 24/7. Trust Science is developing strategies which support both consumers and borrowers. Surely, the upcoming days will see the world expecting Alternative Data and AI to be harnessed for social good.