Juniper to transform the web-based communications with Impartner

Juniper to transform the web-based communications with Impartner
The Siliconreview
11 Febuary, 2020

Juniper partner programs manager Roger Horine has stated that the company is on a new track to change the journey of web-based communication. Juniper in partnership with Impartner is launching several new designs which will gradually increase the development of globalized news content version that will be catered to the interests of their customers. The choice of Impartner’s news on demand for technology is being streamlined immediately by Juniper.

“Juniper will target news to partner audiences far more precisely than ever before. Then, to match the company's targeting ability with each partner's need, the Impartner solution allowed us to deliver content options to our partners, enabling them to choose the subject areas of interest, delivered at the frequency that suited them," stated Roger Horine. With the improved distribution and partner experience, Horine says the solution has helped give Juniper a competitive advantage in the market.

Impartner will deliver the industry’s most astonishing and complete SaaS-based channel management platform which will help Juniper to manage their partner relationships and accelerate revenue as well as profitability through these web-based communications and indirect sales channels. This partnership will also lead to a flagship partner relationship which is the industry’s award-winning technology and it can be deployed in just 14 days.