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AT&T Selects Dallas Based ...


AT&T Selects Dallas Based K2View as its Platform for Test Data Management

AT&T Selects Dallas Based K2View as its Platform for Test Data Management
The Silicon Review
27 Febuary, 2020

AT&T’s process for testing data in the past required a central team tasked with going through source systems and provision data which required retrofitting data in the test environment. However, with their new partnership with K2View and K2View’s patented approach, AT&T will have access to high quality and real time test data, increasing security and overall performance speed and the development life cycle.

The DevOps methodology employed by K2View combines software development and IT operations. When DevOps is implemented by companies, there is often a lack of access to high quality test data according to K2View. “We’re on a journey to modernize our apps and to realize the benefits of embracing a DevOps methodology,” said Ward Chewning, vice president of network services and shared platform at AT&T, in a statement. “But while implementing a DevOps methodology and moving to agile is great in theory, you hit a roadblock if you don’t have realistic data to test against. K2View TDM provides a self-service approach for our teams to access realistic data when and where it’s needed—without impacting production source systems.”

K2View regards itself as the only data solutions company that offers a product to clients that encompasses all the data in one place. Its flagship product, K2View Fabric enables organizations to access all relevant data in a quick and easy manner that is secure. “Organizations globally are adopting agile methodologies, but data access and delivery hasn’t kept up with this transition,” Nick Lazzaro, K2View’s CEO, said in a statement. “The problem lies with underlying technology and traditional approaches to data management, which require complex and costly processes to acquire, transform, and mask data for testing purposes. With K2View TDM, AT&T is enabling their teams to get the right data at the right time for testing. K2View’s micro-database approach allows you to model data once and use it over and over again.”