Cupfone Cracks $100-Million Sales Level In Just Over One Year: WeatherTech

Cupfone Cracks $100-Million Sales Level In Just Over One Year: WeatherTech
The Siliconreview
01 Febuary, 2020

WeatherTech has overwhelmed Americans with its premium automotive floor mats high-impact ads and produced one of the largest automotive aftermarket brands — the key items of which have been mimicked by a variety of OEMs. Now, WeatherTech Founder and CEO David MacNeil can repeat the feat with CarFone, a new sub-brand. The family of universal portable cell phone holders has already reached $100 million in sales, after less than two years on the market.This has been introduced at the Specialty Equipment Market Association show for the automotive aftermarket. The CarFone equipment family can be installed in any car cup holder and can accommodate a wide range of mobile devices.

Similar to how the initial, digitally measured product line from WeatherTech reacted to the latent need of car owners for floor mats that snugly match the foot wells of their particular nameplate, CarFone tapped into mobile-phone generation confusion about where to place their devices in most automobiles to allow hands-free activity.Several years ago when Forbes magazine profiled MacNeil, WeatherTech was already a $400 million enterprise. Diversification of the business has included new products targeted at several different forms of automotive aftermarket safety as well as the introduction of a high-quality, non-toxic feeding program for dogs and other pets a few years ago.