NFL Deploys High-Capacity WiFi Networks

NFL Deploys High-Capacity WiFi Networks
The Siliconreview
13 Febuary, 2020

Everyone who watched the Super Bowl 2020 has witnessed the excitement that filled the Hard Rock Stadium as the Kansas City Chiefs became this year’s champions. What wasn’t visible but was omnipresent was that WiFi connectivity in the stadium that gave the fans an enhanced experience during the game.

Be it a restaurant, hospital, library or a stadium, the Wifi scale matters. In hospitals, every day is game day. Healthcare wireless networks play a vital role in the day to day operations. Stadiums do not have game day every day but when they do, the WiFi connectivity needs to be at its best.

The Hard Rock stadium has the capacity of 65,000 while the Seattle Seahawks’ CenturyLink Field is NFL’s third busiest stadium with a 69,000 people capacity. Ensuring that the WiFi works properly for everyone is a difficult task that the NFL tackled in 2013 by using many in-stadium networking solutions including high-density WiFi connectivity, centralized network management and control, application-layer WiFi analytics, robust and intelligent switching infrastructure, WiFi carrier offload, policy-based network provisioning, and location-based services and promotions.

NFL has offered a positive game-day experience to its fan for several years now sharing important WiFi lessons that apply to other industries.