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AkzoNobel adds antimony trioxi...


AkzoNobel adds antimony trioxide to its list of restricted substances

AkzoNobel adds antimony trioxide to its list of restricted substances
The Silicon Review
13 March, 2020

Antimony trioxide is nowa part of the restricted substances list of the Dutch Multinational Giant, AkzoNobel. Along with it, a biocide named cybutryne which is used in antifouling coatings had also been given a stricter phase-out deadline by the company.

The Multinational paints and coatings company has a priority substances program under which it determines whether it should adopt measures to manage various substances. Under the program, a criterion is used to first identify substances, and then a risk assessment is followed to determine whether the substance should be restricted. In the company’s latest review it had assessed antimony trioxide and concluded that restrictions should be applied, with exact levels dependent on solvent dispersion, product type, and end-use, for example, brushes roller or spray. The company had assessed five substances under its priority substances program. The biocide cybutryne is also facing phase-out by October 2021. The global phase-out plans for nonylphenol and nonylphenol ethoxylates have been aligned with the EU REACH sunset date of 4 January 2021. The company has reconfirmed the safe status of formaldehyde.

A total of 98 substances had been prohibited by AkzoNobel under its priority substances program. A further 172 had been restricted to uses that are “proven to be safe” by a risk assessment.